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User Training

No matter where your team is, we can provide a customized training program to bring them up to speed on HubSpot’s sales tools and methodology and ensure that every one of your team members has the knowledge and hands-on skills to take your sales operation from good to great.

Inbound Sales Training

We will introduce you and your team to the Inbound Sales Methodology, from identifying potential buyers and developing outreach strategies to building personalized presentations.

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Client Support Training

Learn how to develop a client-centric strategy. While the principles in this training will be of most use to managers, members of other teams can also benefit from learning the principles involved in this approach to customer success.

System Training

Learn how to use all of your systems and get your teams oriented with the core features of each tool to execute a high-performing Inbound Service, Inbound Marketing, or Inbound Sales strategy like a pro.


Our Training Program

Optima Solutions training program is curated just for you with your business needs in mind.

Assess Needs


Before beginning any program, we work to identify and assess where your organization is at, and where you want to go--taking individual employee training needs into account at every stage of the process.

Define Goals

Our training needs assessments identifies gaps in your current training initiatives and employee skill sets in order to prioritize specific training objectives and help employees to improve their performance across the organization.

Action Plan


Our training action plan contains a full breakdown of our recommended approach, including content, materials and other training elements, as well as resources and training delivery methods. We also take employees’ location, current capabilities and learning styles into account when developing our programming.
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Deliver Training


The training program comes to life in the last step. We deliver the curriculum in-house, either on-site or remotely. In addition, we work with you to consider employee engagement and learning KPI goals, and to thoroughly plan the scheduling of training activities and any necessary resources such as facilities or equipment.

Clients Testimonials

Dylan Page
These guys are amazing! 100% would recommend to anyone. These guys are by far the best at what they do and I would trust them any day any time. They have been so efficient, helpful, communicative and have went above and beyond for us.
Page, D. - Banking/Financial Services
Vlad Aronov
This is what you call best of the best!!! Hands down one of the beast teams to work with. Fast and reliable team that gets everything done to the smallest detail. Great training for the sales force of any company. I would definitely recommend working with Optima Solutions!!!
Aronov, V. - Consulting/Advisory
Alex Heiden
My best investment! Working with Optima has probably been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It honestly transformed our whole sales process and made it more profitable and also more transparent stats into our sales teams performance. I would recommend them to anyone
Heiden, A.- Recruiting/Staffing
Tyler Bossetti
Amazing experience and migration! Optima Solutions are true masters in their craft. They are passionate about sales and marketing and his knowledge on how to use HubSpot is remarkable. A good vendor understands your needs and how to match that to capabilities. A true partner, like Optima Solutions, challenges the way you think and do thinks to help you improve and grow. I will be looking for more ways to engage Optima to help us rev-up our revenue!
Bossetti, T. - Real Estate
Delivering Excellence! Optima has been a very integral part of the growth and sophistication of our business over the last year! Their team is sharp, efficient, brilliant and overall one of the most friendly and fun teams to partner with. Would highly recommend working with Optima and the process was very organized and the company as a whole has been very upfront with where we are within this project and has made sure we stay on time, within budget and within scope.
Sekinger, J. - Banking/Financial Service