Explore our extensive suite of services where Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Technology converge. Optima Solutions provides an integrated approach to your business's holistic growth.
Our team is composed of highly skilled sales professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional service.
Our team is dedicated to developing and executing innovative marketing strategies that enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.
Our technology team is dedicated to creating advanced solutions that enhance business efficiency and growth
Our finance team is dedicated to providing expert financial guidance and support to assist our clients in achieving their financial objectives.


Day 1

During the kickoff meeting, the team gathers to outline project timelines, establish communication channels, and set up regular check-ins, ensuring a cohesive and organized start to the project. It serves as the foundational discussion to align everyone involved on essential logistics and expectations.

Week 1

During the planning stage, the team focuses on assembling the necessary requirements for the initial sprint, gathering a comprehensive list of needs, and organizing task assignments. This phase is crucial for laying out the groundwork and structuring tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient start to the project.

Week 2-4

The implementation stage involves active collaboration between the team and the client to execute tasks or project scopes, emphasizing close partnership to guarantee client satisfaction. It's a hands-on phase where the team applies their expertise while continuously engaging with the client to meet their needs and expectations.

Week 5

During the training stage, our focus is on educating organization members in effectively utilizing the buildout, ensuring high adoption rates and successful integration of the CRM system. This phase emphasizes empowering and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to maximize the system's potential for organizational success.


During the manage stage, our role shifts to CRM administration, ensuring the accurate functioning of workflows, conducting quality checks, and promptly updating configurations as necessary. This phase revolves around maintaining system integrity and optimizing its performance to meet evolving needs and standards.

HubSpot Onboarding Packages

3.. 2... 1.... GROW!  Set up your systems the right way from the start
Sales Hub

$ 2250

  • Unleash your Sales Machine with an Efficient Sales Hub Pro Setup

  • 30-Day Service

  • 7-Day Kickoff from purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Meetings

  • Sales Pipeline Setup

  • Core Automation Implementation

  • Basic Sales Reporting and Dashboard Setup

  • Live, Video, and Written Training included

  • Initial Performance Review

Marketing Hub

$ 4500

  • Grow your Audience to New Heights with Comprehensive Marketing Hub Pro Setup

  • 45-Day Service

  • 7-Day Kickoff from purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Meetings

  • Customized Lead Nurturing Workflows

  • Email Marketing Technical Setup

  • Basic Marketing Reporting and Dashboard Setup

  • Live, Video, and Written Training

  • Initial Performance Review

Service Hub

$ 2250

  • Serve your Clients Effectively & Efficiently with Detailed Service Hub Pro Setup

  • 30-Day Service

  • 7-Day Kickoff from purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Strategy Meetings

  • Customer Service Workflow Development

  • Customer Feedback and Survey System Configuration

  • Basic Service Reporting and Dashboard Setup

  • Live, Video, and Written Training

  • Initial Performance Review

Sales Hub

$ 5250

  • Unleash your Sales Machine with an Expertly Engineered, Automation-Focused Sales Hub Enterprise Setup

  • 60-Day Service

  • 3-Day Kickoff from Purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Update & Strategy Session

  • Advanced CRM Customization and Sales Process Automation

  • Sales Playbook Creation and Integration

  • Advanced Sales Reporting and Analytics Setup

  • Comprehensive Training on Advanced Features

  • In-depth Performance Review and Optimization Plan

Marketing Hub

$ 10500

  • Grow your Audience to New Heights with a Full-Scale Marketing Hub Enterprise Setup

  • 90-Day Service

  • 3-Day Kickoff from Purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Update & Strategy Session

  • Advanced Lead Management and Nurturing Strategies & Implementation

  • Multi-Channel Campaign Setup and Optimization

  • Custom Marketing Analytics and Reporting Configuration

  • Extensive Training on Advanced Marketing Features

  • Comprehensive Marketing Performance Review

Service Hub

$ 5250

  • Serve your Clients Effectively & Efficiently with a Comprehensive Service Hub Enterprise Setup

  • 60-Day Service

  • 3-Day Kickoff from Purchase

  • Bi-Weekly Update & Strategy Session

  • Advanced Support Workflow Automation

  • Customer Feedback and Insight Analysis Configuration

  • Advanced Service Reporting and Dashboard Creation

  • Detailed Training on Enterprise Service Features

  • Detailed Service Performance Review and Enhancement Plan

Need management of your systems?

Our expertise allows you to focus on business growth and exceptional customer service, while we proactively manage your systems to stay competitive.

HubSpot Basic Support

Get one request at a time with 72-hour delivery, unlimited chat support, unlimited requests, and bi-weekly update sessions to experience high-quality and dependable output


Starting at $6,000 Per Month


HubSpot Advanced Support

Get three requests at a time with 48-hour delivery, unlimited chat support, unlimited requests, and  weekly update sessions to experience high quality and dependable outputs.


Starting at $7,500 Per Month

Need Something Custom Built?

Our team creates custom software integrations, applications, and systems to streamline business operations and achieve goals, collaborating closely with clients to develop scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Custom Development

API Integrations

Optima Solutions API integrations offer high performance, innovative automations, enhanced customer experience, efficiency, reliability, and opportunities for business growth, driving operational efficiency and innovation.
Custom Development

App Development

Optima Solutions specializes in creating custom-built solutions for businesses, focusing on software, applications, and systems to enhance operational efficiency, customer experiences, and drive growth and innovation.
Custom Development

Website Design

Optima Solutions service involves developing creative ideas, enhancing website designs, setting design guidelines, and maintaining website appearance to ensure exceptional user experience and meet client requirements.

Need Something Marketed Exceptionally?

Dive into bespoke marketing strategies designed to elevate your brand, engage your audience, and drive your business forward with measurable results.


Craft compelling and persuasive content for various mediums, tailored to resonate with your audience and effectively convey your brand's message.

Ad Management

Manage and optimize digital advertising campaigns across platforms, focusing on audience targeting, performance analysis, and ROI maximization.

SEO Optimization

Enhance your website's visibility in search engine results through targeted keyword optimization, on-page enhancements, and technical SEO strategies.

Inbound Marketing

Develop and implement a content-driven approach to attract and engage your target audience, converting them into loyal customers through tailored, value-added interactions.

Clients Testimonials

Dylan Page
These guys are amazing! 100% would recommend to anyone. These guys are by far the best at what they do and I would trust them any day any time. They have been so efficient, helpful, communicative and have went above and beyond for us.
Page, D. - Banking/Financial Services
Vlad Aronov
This is what you call best of the best!!! Hands down one of the beast teams to work with. Fast and reliable team that gets everything done to the smallest detail. Great training for the sales force of any company. I would definitely recommend working with Optima Solutions!!!
Aronov, V. - Consulting/Advisory
Alex Heiden
My best investment! Working with Optima has probably been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It honestly transformed our whole sales process and made it more profitable and also more transparent stats into our sales teams performance. I would recommend them to anyone
Heiden, A.- Recruiting/Staffing
Tyler Bossetti
Amazing experience and migration! Optima Solutions are true masters in their craft. They are passionate about sales and marketing and his knowledge on how to use HubSpot is remarkable. A good vendor understands your needs and how to match that to capabilities. A true partner, like Optima Solutions, challenges the way you think and do thinks to help you improve and grow. I will be looking for more ways to engage Optima to help us rev-up our revenue!
Bossetti, T. - Real Estate
Delivering Excellence! Optima has been a very integral part of the growth and sophistication of our business over the last year! Their team is sharp, efficient, brilliant and overall one of the most friendly and fun teams to partner with. Would highly recommend working with Optima and the process was very organized and the company as a whole has been very upfront with where we are within this project and has made sure we stay on time, within budget and within scope.
Sekinger, J. - Banking/Financial Service

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